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Find Paulette Gloria Harwood at her paradisal Belizean home at Science + Soul Wellness in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Science and Soul Wellness is a sanctuary for the body and spirit that caters to the local community, guests and residents of Mahogany Bay Village looking for retreat, renewal and release. We are a specialty studio, spa, educational training center and oasis for groups to gather, bond and share.

Our classes, treatments, trainings and products support all the koshas (layers) of being, from the physical and energetic bodies to the mental, emotional and spiritual. When we practice the art of quality self-care, the body’s systems are purified, strengthened, calm and stabilized.

Science + Soul Wellness is about roots + wings.

A yoga studio, wellness spa, retreat center, and space of community, healing, growth, and welcome, Science + Soul Wellness was founded by Steven Rigo and Paulette Gloria Harwood to create a space where all people – from locals to expats to travelers in Belize – could come together, practice, heal, and live life with purpose and freedom.

We came to Ambergris Caye in Belize because we wanted roots and wings. Roots of belonging, beauty, connection, and community. And wings of freedom, adventure, wildness, and life.

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Hello Glorious Being!

As a certified Divorce Coach...I am changing the mindset and landscape of the divorce process for my clients. I break down the steps, discover their best options, clear away their obstacles, celebrate their success, evaluate their results and refine their next steps.

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