Welcome to Thriving in Chaos. We strive to bring you the best in wellness, nutrition and creating a diet that sustains you. Today we bring to you Michale Hartte: Certified Herbalist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert and Wellness Expert as she shares she struggles with eating, diet and living a healthy authentic life. 17 years of yoga practice Met Paulette in Belize Took Paulette’s Aerial yoga class. It was Michale’s first experience! She shares her experience and immediate connection with Paulette and Steven. Her Wellness Journey! Michale shared her story growing up and dealing with weight issues Struggling with messages she received “I got really good at not eating” Oh my what a confession. At the age of 14 her aunt’s comments began to effect her Anorexia battles …although not diagnosed Embarrassed by MD comments You have the body of an 80 old You are on your way to death Afraid of dying I ate what ever was out there Felt horrible I was afraid of food! Stopped having menstrual cycle Osteoporosis at age 32 Medication was the answer according to the experts Started to look at what to do Naturopath view point Eat only real food Read my body Infatuated learning about natural health 51 she is the vision of strength, wisdom and confidence. Degree in nutrition Edison institute of applied science Herbalist Detox Expert Biology Guru Unblocks the body to detoxify Certified Personal Trainer Helping others is her purpose Food is nutrition Find out what is best for their bodies Diet Mitochondria Sleep is essential Quantum physics studies Melatonin Have to be outside to make our bodies burn fat dopamine made while you are outside White fat to keep you warm Brown fat tissue is insulating Cold verses warmth Circadian rhythm Feed well Fast well Eating all the time is unhealthy Take breaks from food Women 14 hours fast is essential Learn when to eat? Blueprint is key to knowing your unique bodies chemistry and needs Eat in midday when digestion is highest. Our bodies have the highest concentration of hydrochloric acid. 4 steps to creating a healthy meal. Need to balance blood sugar 1. Where’s your protein…too many carbohydrates in AM 2. Plants are medicine and fiber 3. Don’t eat fruit that isn’t grown in your environment 4. Eliminate grains first month of diet change 5. Fats in diet…fatty liver issue… …one teaspoon per meal Oleic acid Use a variety of fats Olive Oil …super fuel Superfoods Sprouts Sea veggies Fermented veggies Probiotics Herbs and spices Basil Rosemary Just play You can’t go wrong with real food Wake up One liter of water immediately in the AM Reverse osmosis Warm water Allows body to burn fat Eat when we are hungry Stop when we are 80% full We think we are hungry but we are actually dehydrated Michale suggestions for meals it’s all about planning and doing the work. You can find her on Social Media and her website askmichale@gmail.com

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