Working with Paulette has giving me reasurance that my dreams are possible.

Paulette has been a guiding light to help me access a life goal from my heart . I competed my goal(sankulpa) to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, as a means to feel safe in this world. I’ve gained confidence and have learned the ins and outs of backpacking. Having this goal took away some stress which was replaced with excitement and drive. The pieces and people in my life seemed to fall into place as I showed up for each day with this intention. By discovering the importance of this desire inside, i was able to do it. Now 4 years later, I made the leap to work with paulette again to recreate a dharma, sankulpa and vikalpa. Paulette is patient and thorough in her approach and sees you as the complete individual that you are. She will help you surprise yourself.  Creating the intention brings so much joy to the process of unfolding. Creating this clear picture simplifys and energizes my desires to live my best life in alignment with all that’s good in this universe.