When was the last time you felt like yourself?

So many women “stay together for the children”, “have it all”, and are surrounded by people and things to do and yet feel absolutely alone and purposeless.

You want to feel like yourself, connected to yourself and to those around you. You want to heal and grow, but I know it’s terrifying to make that change.

That’s why I’m here.

Let me support you as you reclaim your voice, rediscover your desires, your purpose, and who you are.

I started working with beautiful souled women like you because I’ve been there, because I’ve broken free and rediscovered my desires and purpose and created a life I absolutely adore.

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If you’re ready to break free, reclaim you voice, rediscover yourself and create a life that you love and that feels like YOURS, it’s your time.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years who have

• Given up

• Put in endless effort

• Faced demons in the closet

• Blocked communication

• Felt all of the challenges and addictions

• Tried everything

• Held onto destructive, hidden secrets

• And finally acknowledged that nothing was working

Transformed …on the other side

I have coached all walks of life from my very diverse background and life experiences….

Life transition, transformation, breaking free and being loved, heard, supported and unapologetically YOU…

It’s all about change, living a better more fulfilled life, finding your calling, your purpose… how do you tap into the power of your soul and become who you were meant to be?

It is time for you to journey to dissolve the hidden blocks that keep you stuck and finally thrive in your life’s unique purpose.

In my one-on-one coaching programs, you will…

• learn, practice, embody the journey of yoga – asana, pranayama and meditation – learn to practice with safety and grace so that you can reconnect with your mind, body, and soul and deepen your comfort and confidence within your own skin

• breathe deeper, move freely, improving your flexibility, mobility, strength so that you can improve digestion, lose weight, increase your metabolism, and feel lighter, freer, and more and more comfortable and confident in your own skin and your exceptional life

• nourish, fuel, and heal your body with food, finding balance of yin and yang, grow in wellness and health, heal disease, and step into the  strong, vibrant woman you would love to be

• find your soul tribe, grow stronger and more confident with those like-minded who love you and are filled with joy with and for you

• find safety, healing, comfort, and confidence in your own body and life, designing a life that you love instead of defaulting into the one that you’ve had up until now

• learn to return to yourself, especially after a life transition that feels like it pulls it all apart so that you can rediscover what you truly want, connect with your life’s desires, what makes you feel alive, and like yourself, and utterly happy and at peace

• improve your relationships with loved ones, with yourself, and with the world and move toward a healthier, more vibrant, celebratory life

• clarify your vision of purpose, rediscover your values and desires, and set and achieve goals that feel amazing and bring you closer to the life and becoming the dynamic woman you truly desire to be

We will begin the process together, getting clear on what’s not serving you and begin the healing process. We will rediscover your purpose and your desires and start to create a life that you absolutely adore.

It’s your time, glorious being.

Reclaim your voice.

I help women find their freedom, their bravery, their awareness, their beauty, their authenticity, themselves, their lives.

Though each of my clients’ starting point is unique, through the work I do with the Four Desires, Yoga, and Healing, we will find who you are, heal from the past, and create a life that feels like yours again.

Here are a few clear examples of the clients I work with

I am a…

• Career Transition Coach

I coach women who are exhausted from the corporate rat race and looking to move abroad. 

I help professionals get clear on how to shift their career overseas, minimize their possessions and travel to find their place of peace and passion 

My clients are enthusiastically exploring financial freedom, and passionately living a joy filled life with purpose, less stuff and distraction. 

• Minimalism and Productivity Coach

I coach people who are feeling bogged down with clutter, debt, possessions and materialism. 

I help people add true value in learning to decide what is needed and what is not to accomplish what they truly desire in their lives. 

My clients are powerfully living a life with less and finding time, money, freedom and experience deliberate contribution. 

• Yoga Lifestyle Coach

I coach people who feel lethargic, heavy and weak in their bodies and suffer from overthinking and anxiety. 

I help people find a true sense of comfort in their proper posture, ease in breathing, and non attachment to the fluctuations of the mind. 

My clients have a glorious personal yoga practice that enables them to flow their day with ease and grace and live a life of purpose, happiness, prosperity and freedom. 

• Wellness Health Coach

I coach women on a Standard American Diet who feel sluggish, drained and stuck in a pattern of mindless eating and consuming. 

I help them loose unwanted pounds, change habitual eating, simplify their pantry and cook delicious meals with ease. 

My clients enjoy a a clear path of planning, shopping, cooking and eating and have the body they love. 

• Writing Coach

I coach women who have a story to tell and strongly desire to share it. 

I help them see their story clearly and know the steps to tell it and sell it in a compelling and powerful system. 

My clients are self publishing books that sell and are getting their stories told.

• Relationship and Divorce Coach

I coach women who are staying together for the children.

I assist them to create crystal clear direction in what the future of their marriage looks like and empower them to make better decisions about marriage, separation and divorce. 

My clients are no longer satisfied spending their free time at home watching Netflix with their dog.

My clients are powerfully living a live of their terms, feel truly loved and accepted and understand and know their children will thrive best with a mother who is coming from a solid foundation of  who she is and want she wants for her life. 

• Doula and Natural Motherhood Coach

I coach women who are fearful and uncomfortable with the of healthcare industry and strongly desire a natural and peaceful pregnancy, birth and a healthy child. 

I educate and support women at all stages of pregnancy with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual skills to guide them comfortably through the journey of pregnancy, labor, delivery and motherhood.

My clients are deeply content, skilled, comfortable and empowered to birth and mother on their terms and nurture loving children. 

It’s your time, glorious being.

It’s time to reclaim your voice…

How to work with Paulette

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Fill out the application telling me a little bit more about you, your journey, and why you want support now.

I will be in touch within 2 business days to set up a time to speak together.

We’ll sit down, chat about you and your journey, and get some clarity around your next steps so that you can start stepping into your new life.

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