Join Elizabeth and Paulette as they discuss… 
Rebuilding the self before we venture into any new relationship 
Loss of the familiar 
Loss of the comfortable 
Getting in touch with the self 
Slowing down
Sitting in silence 
Step ONE- accepting the grief as being an essential part of the process 
allowing ourselves to “feel” the feelings of grief in order to assimilate and process them 
Consider a few simple tasks at hand 
AND recall 
It doesn’t happen over night
One drawer at a time
One shelf at a time 
One minute at time 
Reclaiming who we are 
Building relationships with people who lift us up 
Love us unconditionally 
Find the beauty in life 
Compliment others 
Read…self help books/“shelf help” books 
Connecting to God or Universal Power
Join a support group 
Find other women going through a similar transition 
Practice Extreme Self Care 
Important here to remind ourselves and everyone that LIFE change in all areas is difficult 
When we are faced with change of any kind is a loss 
Job loss 
Pregnancy loss 
All require a shift in thinking and action.
After we get done with the finger pointing and blame…
Its all their fault…it’s all my fault 
Mercury is retrograde 
Making excuses 
If I only took better care of myself 
I should have known better 
What the hell was I thinking 
Go through an array of emotions 
Need to create a self care plan 
Have to do the work
Transformation and change is only possible if you can let go…do the work…heal, rebirth and rebuild.
The only way to get through the pain is to feel it first. 
One has to embrace it and walk through the fire
Examine what, if anything is currently working and serving us 
And not until that time and healing has occurred 
When to consider making changes
When you are safe
When you are strong
When you are healing 
When you are free to do so 
When the “old you” is ready for a “new you”
When you can handle the game and possible rejection 
When you are ready to play again 
What needs to change?
First ask yourself and write down your answers 
Can I move on?  Do I want to move on?  How can I move on? If the hint of an answer is YES…
Next ask yourself 3 questions and write down your answers 
What’s one thing you’re doing right now not because it’s true for you, but because you feel it’s expected of you.  What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself. What’s the first action step you can take now?  Finding ourself and healing after loss of any kind is not a quick fix but a beautiful journey into a new unimaginable life 
It’s a long careful detailed approach to deciding our next best step…
My journey into healing started by cleaning up my diet…
Paulette jokes that she lived on Snickers bars and Diet Coke…but It’s true..
Her idea of a healthy meal was a greek salad from a pizza joint 
I had to clean up my diet 
I had to clean up my buying habits
I had to clean up my relationships 

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