This course will teach you how to Move ON, what is normal and healthy after divorce and You will gain valuable insight into what NOT to do and things to avoid in the process.

  •  Get clear on your WHY. (clear insight the outcome you desire)
  • Decrease Contentiousness. (build courage and self respect)
  • Keep kids from being put in the middle. (healthier home)
  • GET THE RIGHT SUPPORT YOU NEED (confidence/confidentiality) 
  • Know what you need (facts) AND want (mediation)
…stuck, frozen, confused, trapped, overwhelmed, fearful, sad, lost, angry, resentful, anxious, depressed and alone in your marriage.
I get it. I have been there.
By the end of this course, you will feel:
Unconditionally heard
Module ONE – How to know 
Exploring all other options 
Set clear on your why
Bringing clarity to your emotions and fears
Not allowing others to influence your decisions 
Standing in your strength and power 
Letting go of fear from father risk and pain
Doing your research
Getting organized
Module TWO – How to Tell 
Telling your partner you want a divorce: 
Creating an action plan 
Pick a time and location 
Be direct and clear BIFF
Expect a response
Stages of grief and loss 
End the conversation 
Get additional support 
Module THREE – Getting your head in the game 
My healthy divorce 
Set your intention for healthy outcome
Know your triggers 
Core values
What is a core value? 
Long term goals and Top Priorities 
Self Care Plan 
Module FOUR – Building your support team 
Mental Health
Friends and Family Members 
Building an effective healthy divorce support team 
Module FIVE – Prioritizing your children’s health and well being 
Child Centered Divorce pledge 
Using the child centred divorce pledge 
Telling the kids about the divorce 
Guidelines for telling the children 
Plan for telling the kids 
Navigating your kids reactions to the news
Planning for your parent agreement 
Custody defined
Considerations for your custody plan 
Module SIX – The legal components of the divorce process 
Choosing the divorce method that is right for your situation 
Legal methods of divorce 
Interviewing and selecting your mediator OR attorneys 
Interviewing mediators and attorneys 
Interviewing questions for an attorney (solo practitioner or firm) 
Interview questions for a mediator 
Knowing the lingo 
Module SEVEN – The financial components of divorce 
Getting in the right frame of mind 
Prioritizing what you value 
My divorce financial dictionary 
Your financial divorce support team 
Role of a certified divorce financial analyst 
Compiling your financial information 
Pitfalls and misconceptions 
After your settlement agreement is finalized 
Checklist for meeting with a financial planner 
Module EIGHT – Common Misconceptions, Exposing
Misconceptions & Dealing with Misconceptions
Module NINE – The Journey Ahead 
How could anyone possibly get over the feelings at the very beginning of the journey?
Feelings of:
Financial ruin
I remember standing in the chapter you are experiencing. I remember wondering HOW I was going to do “this”. I remember feeling overwhelmed and isolated. And I didn’t like feeling either of those things, so I needed to make a change; I needed information, I needed a guide and I needed support. 
Support came in many forms for me…
  1. My Spirituality (prayer, practice, learning to TRUST again)
  2. My Friends (laughing, having healthy distractions, remembering I wasn’t alone)
  3. My Extended Family (helping hands, phone calls and text messages, time together)
  4. My paid for / professional support (therapy, legal, spiritual)
  5. My Journal (having a private space to process all that I was thinking and feeling)
  6. My Self (doing the things that reminded me of who I was / am / want to be…yoga, reading, laughing… back to basics type stuff that was so simple yet so powerful)
I firmly believe that Karma puts people in our paths when we need them, and I think we are crossing right now because you are in need of support.
It is my own unique purpose and my dedicated passion to help women like you answer the two big questions…1. “WHAT am I going to do?” and 2. “HOW am I going to do this?”. 
I have taken the ways I found support during divorce and I have created private one on one coaching programs and sessions to provide you the same support that was critical to me as I  successfully managed my divorce and defined what I wanted me life to be.
I wish I had found that support over 10 years ago.
My work focuses on:
1. Creating clarity around your decision making and your actions based on your values, goals, and desires (THE WHAT)
2. Easing the pain of divorce (THE HOW) 
I have been in your shoes, so I understand the painful emotional roller coaster. I also know the value of having clarity to make the necessary decisions quickly and efficiently during divorce; it’s critical.
It is my job to help you de-tangle your story, to empower you to ease the pain, and to get you making decisions and taking action…
…Because here’s the thing; I see YOU. You were created for a reason and you have an incredible life to live. You matter and you are not alone. 
Asking for and seeking out the support you need is not a sign of weakness, it is actually an incredible sign of authenticity, courage and strength. 
You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support. Sabrina Bryan
and Brene Brown says “We do not have to do this alone, we were never meant to.”

Hello Glorious Being!

As a certified Divorce Coach...I am changing the mindset and landscape of the divorce process for my clients. I break down the steps, discover their best options, clear away their obstacles, celebrate their success, evaluate their results and refine their next steps.

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