No matter how much you think you are.

There is always someone there.

You are always loved. Always supported. And you always have been.

Are you ridiculously busy every day with meaningless chores, chattering coffee dates, and silent, uncomfortable dinners, starting every day harried and ending every day with a glass of wine and depletion?

You have it all – the husband, the house, the money, the friends – but none of it is bringing you joy. In fact, you feel so empty, so lonely, so lost that no matter how good it looks on paper, your life doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

But even imagining what would feel good seems beyond your reach.

When was the last time you knew what you wanted, felt like yourself, laughed and loved deeply?


• finding and feeling a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment so that you can wake up everyday bright, energetic, and in love with your life and where you are

• rediscovering your desires, wanting something deeply again, and feeling a strong sense of love and commitment to your life and going after what you want

• setting and achieving goals that feel amazing, that bring you life, joy, beautiful, soulmate relationships, and utter fulfillment and deep happiness