Latest episode of Thriving In Chaos: with Paulette Gloria Harwood and Elizabeth Ann Stanley shownotes.

We share what is our fly in your chardonnay.

BOOK patience: such a long process 

building a launch team

Surrender has a connotation of allowing the universe to hold you and nurture you and take care of everything

but in reality 

letting go is releasing our attachment to the outcome

letting the process of healing begin when we stop forcing and stop trying to control every blink of our eye, every conversation, every act

Mentor Cheryl Richardson

Grace Cards AMAZING 

when we release our attachment to the outcome we allow the power of grace to work its magic!

We want to control everything 

and stay comfortable

eternal optimist 

it can change 

busy doesn’t allow us to get to know someone completely 

How do we release the constant desire to stay busy? 

We have to take the “bull” by the horns 

We spoke last time 

of our constant need to stay busy to DO something 

we are human beings not human doings….

The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety …it’s connection. 

False sense of connection. 

a lack of connection to self, to others and to community

and a feeling of being controlled by others and situations 

“busy” Is the new popular 

allowing situations to unfold slowly, naturally and dare I say organically 

slowing down and simplification is key…

finding ease 

finding what’s really essential

The concept of minimalism.

Cottage bed sink one pair shoes but that’s not it…

Toxic people minimalizing stuff, and distractions  

weeding out the things in m life 

The concept of essentialism verses minimalism. 

Core values 

Important to you 

what adds value and allows you to share your gifts with the world 

contribution is KEY 

Getting quiet. 

Tuning into self. 

Awarefulness (I know I know it’s not a word) 

Elizabeth and Paulette share their particular moment in time that woke them UP??

purge and prune 

dump and dwindle 

Write down all that you want to accomplish in 6-18 months

3 categories Self Relationships  Business 

Loose things off your list 

Keep peeling away

ask yourself 3 things What is the pay off for making this happen? Impact  How well this project ultimately benefit others?  Who will I have to become in order to make this goal or project a reality. What qualities do I need to embody to be my best self? 






carrying the weight of the world 

blame and shame 

scar and burden 


like a tattoo 

exfoliate the soul 

15 years is a long time to carry anything. 

we are not perfect 

we are speaking from experience 

walked out of the fire 

anyway spending with us 

real women with a purpose 

awake with the possibility 

shine the light 

idea in their head 

deeply grateful for this opportunity

It’s never too late to be the best possible version of ourselves. 

Less is More,


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