At 14, I was accepted at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, an elite dance training and performance summer program in the tiny town of Becket, Massachusetts. The following summer I returned and met a young boy named Fred. He was the sixteen-year-old son of a pig farmer who worked in the dance festival cafeteria. I instantly fell truly, madly, deeply for him as we locked eyes while I stood in line waiting to fill my plate with cottage cheese, peaches, and French dressing. I hated the food but I loved seeing Fred.

I was quite skinny in my yellow leotard, which matched my blonde hair and yellow ribbon around my bun.

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As a certified Divorce Coach...I am changing the mindset and landscape of the divorce process for my clients. I break down the steps, discover their best options, clear away their obstacles, celebrate their success, evaluate their results and refine their next steps.

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