The Divorce Deluge: Is anyone happily married anymore?
Let’s love our gentleman. We don’t want to neglect them. 
There are good ones and highly evolved ones. 
When we learn to keep our heart open and continue to try in our personal love, we reap amazing benefits. 
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I mean come on…
What are the current statistics of Divorce?
50% for the first marriage…
67% for the second, 
and 73% third…
YIKES! They aren’t good!!
We must discern that our partner is a good mate and then work to make it a success. 
We have a pretty hard-wired belief system engrained in us as children….
At 23, I felt intense pressure to get married and fit in. 
I felt like I had to do what was expected of me…
-Dressed up as a bride
-Dreamt about the wedding  
-My Goal was to find a husband, first and foremost
The right person, the right time, the right connection.
THEN the midlife crisis really is a crying out for wanting to feel alive again. 
You can’t fight for something that doesn’t exist.
If something is harming our spirit, we must let it go.
Why are Millennials not marrying?
Their spiritual standpoint.
Don’t need a piece of paper.
They are there because they choose to be there not because they have to. 
They have seen their parents struggle: lie, cheat, and disrespect each other. 
The staying together for the children epidemic (ages 30-50)
Because it is only a piece of paper.
Getting a divorce was the best decision I ever made …
Marrying the wrong person doesn’t make them a bad person.
We all deserve to be happy.
We are taught we are sinners if we leave so we stay.
What does a happy marriage look like? 
Marriage is not an obligation but a genuine connection. 
Your partner makes you the best version of you you can be. 
They bring out the best in you and you do the same for them. 
That is all I want for everyone, is to be happy. To support you in your decision to work on the marriage, to divorce gracefully and to find a happy life, no matter what. If you are not sure about your next steps, I have a FREE 30 minute Audio Training to help you decide what is next for you. 
Download it at 
All you need is LESS, 
We love you, 
Paulette & Elizabeth 
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