When First Love Doesn’t Live Up to Mom and Dad’s Ideal.

At 14, I was accepted at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, an elite dance training and performance summer program in the tiny town of Becket, Massachusetts. The following summer I returned and met a young boy named Fred. He was the sixteen-year-old son of a pig farmer...

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How to make your relationship a “we” mentality

Are you even ACTUALLY married? In the actual sense of what a partnership is here to help us GROW & FLOURISH as a human? Or are you just existing? Because if you are just existing, there is a good chance resentment is building... Something to consider amongst all the...

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Plant-Based Curiosity: The why and the hows

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--12-Plant-Based-Curiosity-The-why-and-the-hows-e3hgjr Call it what you will! Vegan, Compassionate Eating, Plant Based, Whole Foods, Organic etc etc etc...This is with out a doubt the number one curiosity Paulette and...

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What is all the current confusion about cheating?

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--11-What-is-all-the-current-confusion-about-cheating-e3hgjf In this episode, we talk about the definition of cheating in a relationship. Elizabeth and Paulette share their own vulnerable and personal experience with the...

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How to Find Gratitude in a World that Seeks to Destroy It

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--10-How-to-Find-Gratitude-in-a-World-that-Seeks-to-Destroy-It-e3guv8 Join Elizabeth and Paulette as they give you specific tips to simplify and clarify your gratitude process. We have to choose to be grateful, what are...

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How to Date After Divorce

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--9-How-to-Date-After-Divorce-e3emq1 A first hand preview! Elizabeth Ann Stanley and Paulette Gloria Harwood Dishing the Dirt together on Dating After Divorce. Our first studio video podcast. We would love to hear from...

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The Devastation of Human Trafficking with Joan Barry

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--7-The-Devastation-of-Human-Trafficking-with-Joan-Barry-e3aba3 Let's Welcome Joan Barry to The Podcast!She has given approximately 70 speeches to educate women about the dangers of human trafficking. We talk about the...

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Rebirth and Rebuilding the Self after life change

https://anchor.fm/thriving-in-chaos/episodes/Ep--6-Rebirth-and-Rebuilding-the-Self-after-life-change-e38fjg Join Elizabeth and Paulette as they discuss... Rebuilding the self before we venture into any new relationship Loss of the familiar Loss of the...

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Hello Glorious Being!

As a certified Divorce Coach...I am changing the mindset and landscape of the divorce process for my clients. I break down the steps, discover their best options, clear away their obstacles, celebrate their success, evaluate their results and refine their next steps.

Sign up: To tell me your story,  request a pre-order of my book - Never been a 34B: When nothing fits, and gain access to my PDF downloads.

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