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A time comes in your life when you finally get it…

I spent years reading self-help books, studying different philosophies and ways of being, and speaking to experts.

I had so much knowledge.

And I looked around at my life, and my day-to-day did not reflect all that I had learned, all that I knew, on an intellectual level, to be true.

Something was missing.

And then…

One day – or more like over a period of days – I woke up.

All of the stuckness, the confusion, the darkness, the fog fell away as I awakened. As I said no. As I cleared out, moved on, and opened up to something new.

And this beautiful poem was with me when I did.


I want to share this beautiful, soul-lifting, life-giving poem with you for those periods in your life when you’re lost, when you’re waiting to wake up but when you’re not even sure what you’re waking up from.

For those times when you’re angry, frightened, confused, overwhelmed, and surrounded by people, places, and things that don’t seem to fit you any longer.

For those times when you’re ready for healing, ready for possibilities, ready to embrace your soul’s desires and chase after and create your dreams.

For those times when you’re seeking your own awakening.

May this poem wake you up.


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