If you don’t know what you want, nothing feels like a fit.

Fifteen years ago, my life looked a lot differently than it does today.

I was working for my mother at the family dance studio. I was married, living in a big house, and surrounded by family, friends, classy parties, and busy days.

But every day, I was miserable.

My days were filled with busyness, empty chatter, secrets, doubt, fear, distraction.

I found myself waking up to a full schedule packed with stuff that didn’t feel important, fun, or purposeful.

I felt out of place, overwhelmed, and entirely alone, even surrounded by everything and everyone that I was.

I caught myself fantasizing about how to escape but not even able to imagine what could be on the other side.

And I had gotten so used to it all – slamming doors, keeping secrets, feeling out of place, even though on paper I had it all – that I had even forgotten what it felt like to feel love, loved, and home.

And, I’m so glad, there came a point where I couldn’t live like that anymore. 

There came a point where I woke up, realized how unhappy, unfulfilled, un-me everything felt, how I had showed up, behaved, and allowed so much into my life that didn’t feel like me, and how that had affected every situation I found myself in. 

And braced myself for changes.

In 2002, I quit working for my mother and let go of the need to please her and living my life for her pleasure and unhealthy behavior.

In 2008, I filed for divorce and moved out of the marital home from my lifeless, insensitive, secretive marriage of 20 years to begin a life on my terms.

And the more I stepped up, healed, changed, and grew, the more I continually found tremendous courage and strength, even when I thought I wouldn’t.

In 2016 I collected my spirit and allowed it to guide me to sell everything, say goodbye to everyone, shift the future of my life and business and moved to Belize to start Science + Soul Wellness and live a simpler life according to my Dharma not drama.

I made it home, and finally feel at home, as Steven proposed and we eloped to be married by my yoga teacher and mentor, Rod Stryker, August 28, 2016.

Over the last 15 year journey, I’ve come home. I’ve rediscovered my desires, what makes me feel like me, my purpose, my Dharma. I’ve been supported and safe, and I’ve learned that it’s okay that what you once wanted is no longer what you want, that if something isn’t a fit, it’s safe to move forward.

It took so much courage, and the end result was so much bigger, more beautiful, more fulfilling, than I could have initially imagined.

And that courage grows the more you’re willing to heal and step into becoming more and more yourself.

It’s been a long journey for me, and I could not have done it alone. Neither could I have seen my way to all of the beauty that now surrounds me if I hadn’t started the process a single step at a time.

But we are not alone.

We are always supported.

And that is why I teach, why I coach, why I’m here.

To love and support you as you heal, rediscover, and grow.

Into more pureness, more simplicity, more love, more adventure, more play, more fun, more depth, more character, more integrity, more authenticity, more purpose, and more passion.

Passion for life, for love, and for yourself.

When you’re ready to step into your passion, your purpose, your desires, I’m here for you.

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