Your guide to freedom

No matter how much you Feel Alone.

There is always someone there.

You are always loved. Always supported. And you always have been.

Are you ridiculously busy every day with meaningless chores, chattering coffee dates, and silent, uncomfortable dinners, starting every day harried and ending every day with a glass of wine and depletion?

You have it all – the husband, the house, the money, the friends – but none of it is bringing you joy. In fact, you feel so empty, so lonely, so lost that no matter how good it looks on paper, your life doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

But even imagining what would feel good seems beyond your reach.

When was the last time you knew what you wanted, felt like yourself, laughed and loved deeply?



• finding and feeling a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment so that you can wake up everyday bright, energetic, and in love with your life and where you are

• rediscovering your desires, wanting something deeply again, and feeling a strong sense of love and commitment to your life and going after what you want

• setting and achieving goals that feel amazing, that bring you life, joy, beautiful, soulmate relationships, and utter fulfillment and deep happiness

That is what I want for you.

Consider me your light switch.

Your wish to make positive change and your willingness to learn a new way of thinking inspires me. It lets me know that you are on your way to creating a better life — one of purpose, happiness, prosperity, and freedom.


You are not alone. I am here to help you birth new possibilities.

It is my dharma to assist you with yours, every step of the way. So I thank you for helping me live my dharma each and every day.

Laura Whyte

When I think of the time in my life before I met Paulette, it seems like it was a different lifetime. Paulette's teaching, along with her encouragement to pursue a daily yoga practice, transformed my life in such a way that I can't imagine where I would be today without her.

Laura Whyte


Sue Ribeiro

I have been touched by the generosity of Paulette’s willingness to share and the depth at which she genuinely cares. She has been an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend. She taught us to be authentic, inspired and to realize our unlimited potential. My life has been made so much richer by the love and guidance she has so unselfishly given…On a Richter Scale, this RYT training I would have to say has been a 10 plus!

Sue Ribeiro

Raw Chef

Joniece Santiago

Before I started this incredible journey with Paulette, I was not aware of all that I was capable of. I was unaware of my self-worth and true meaning of self-love…She has taught me things I didn't even know existed, and because of that I now live a more fulfilling and happy life…My journey inward and to the heart has been the most incredible thing to happen to me, and she has given me all the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to share this passion and enlightenment with others.

Joniece Santiago

Yoga Teacher

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