You can divorce gracefully,



Hi! I’m Paulette

A Certified Divorce Coach, Author, speaker, Yoga teacher trainer & unshakable essentialist. 

Dedicated  to helping you through the confusion of divorce and its aftermath

No Matter What

My work as a Certified Divorce Coach (R) is devoted to supporting your journey, and sharing tools and resources that will help you gracefully divorce.

You don’t have to get it perfect…

You just need experienced, expert advice in a safe space that will set you in the direction of a future that is yours, by design.


 …feeling organized and prepared for divorce

…saving time, energy and lots of money

…getting the outcome you deserve!

 Let me be your guide to setting goals and finding a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

                       The end result is waking up every day feeling joy with your life and happiness where you are!

Copyright © 2019 Paulette Gloria Harwood, All Rights Reserved. 

Hello Glorious Being!

As a certified Divorce Coach...I am changing the mindset and landscape of the divorce process for my clients. I break down the steps, discover their best options, clear away their obstacles, celebrate their success, evaluate their results and refine their next steps.

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