You can divorce gracefully,



Hi! I’m Paulette

A Certified Divorce Coach, Author, speaker, Yoga teacher trainer & unshakable essentialist. 

Dedicated to helping you 

Through your confusion 

And gracefully divorcing 

No Matter What

My work  (and this site) 

Is devoted to

Expertly guiding and assisting,

Sharing tools and resources

That will help you 

Gracefully Divorce

You don’t have to get it perfect…

You just have to find the support and expert advice you deserve. 

I want you to know that you are not a burden here. 

Imagine… Being completely organized and prepared. Saving time, energy and money. Receiving the desired outcome you deserve!

• finding and feeling a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment so that you can wake up every day bright, energetic, and in love with your life and where you are

• rediscovering your desires, wanting something deeply again, and feeling a strong sense of love and commitment to your life and going after what you want

• setting and achieving goals that feel amazing, that bring you life, joy, beautiful, soulmate relationships, and utter fulfillment and deep happiness

That is what I want for you. You are not alone!

Copyright © 2019 Paulette Gloria Harwood, All Rights Reserved. 

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